The Office of the Dean of Students

St. George’s University provides student support services comparable to no other university, assisting students in their career to success. 98% of all students take advantage of the academic and personal assistance the University makes available.

The Office Of Dean Of Students

From Orientation to Graduation, we assist all students in the University, including the School of Medicine, the School of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Graduate Studies, the School of Arts and Sciences, and other University programs.


Department of Educational Services

In an intimate campus setting, faculty and staff are always available to assist students in the comprehension of and success in academic coursework.


Health and Psychological Services

Available to the entire SGU community, the Health and Psychological Services are committed to providing the best service by a qualified and experienced staff.


Career Guidance and Student Development

This office offers programs to assist medical students throughout their academic career at SGU to keep stress levels low and to maintain a focus on success.