People OF SGU 2015

St. George’s University has a number of visiting scholars, educators, graduates, researchers and medical science professionals who each year enrich our academic program with dynamic and inspiring lectures. Many others also apply their education and training to serve the Grenadian community as well as enhance the knowledge and welfare of the global community.


Jonathan Ashcroft

Jonathan Ashcroft: Alumnus to Lead Ebola Diagnostic Research in Sierra Leone

The fight against the Ebola virus continues in West Africa. Although the number of cases has dropped significantly since 2014, its treatment and containment remain a focal point of the World Health Organization (WHO).



Paul Barbara

Paul Barbara: St. Georgeís University Gradís Emergency Efforts Gain National Media Attention

Paul Barbara, MD SGU ’04, was standing at second base as a coach at his 4-year-old son’s Little League Opening Day ceremonies when it happened.



Lesley Flynt

Lesley Flynt: St. George’s University Graduate Earns American Society of Neuroimaging Award for Research in Brain Mapping

As a nuclear physician, Lesley Flynt, MD SGU ’11, examines the very fibers of the human body, down to cells, their nuclei and their elements.



Dr. Randall Waechter

Dr. Randall Waechter: WINDREF Secures Nature Conservancy Grant to Assess Woburn Bay Water Quality

Clarke’s Court Bay in Woburn, a short drive from SGU’s True Blue campus, is designated as a marine protected area, yet despite its status, its water quality may be negatively impacted by watershed effluent runoff.



Brian Beckord

Brian Beckord: From the Charter Foundation Program to His Top-Choice Residency

Brian Beckord hadn’t stepped foot in a classroom in some time. He’d earned his undergraduate degree from the University of San Diego and begun a career in biotechnology, specializing in molecular diagnostics.



Peyman Otmishi

Peyman Otmishi, MD SGU ’02, Honored for Clinical Advancements and Medical Staff Development at University of Maryland

For his contributions to clinical advancements and medical staff development at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health, critical care specialist Peyman Otmishi, was honored with the 2014 Arthur B. Cecil Jr., MD, Award.



Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Becky Bailey: Child Development Guru Visits Grenada

Six years after SGU faculty member Dr. Barbara Landon began teaching and popularizing Conscious Discipline in Grenada, Dr. Becky Bailey, developer of the award-winning program and one of Dr. Landonís mentors, visited the Spice Isle, donating her time to the growing Saving Brains program in Grenada.



Rodney Croft

Rodney Croft: Rodney Croft Will Raise Tower Bridge as City of London Re-Enacts “Momentous” Churchill State Funeral

On January 30, 1965, the world mourned as Sir Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of England who led Allied Forces to victory over Axis powers in World War II, was laid to rest.



Dr. Marios Loukas

Dr. Marios Loukas: St. George’s University Dean Sets Course for Translational Research

Launched in January 2015, The Journal on Translational Research in Anatomy will focus on anatomic research as it relates to its clinical application and widespread effect in patient care and health system.



Dr. Timothy Ogilvie

Dr. Timothy Ogilvie: St. George’s University’s SVM Dean Receives Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree

To honor his outstanding and ongoing contribution to veterinary medicine throughout his nearly four decades in this field, Dr. Timothy Ogilvie has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws Degree.