Bradford Networks System

The Bradford Networks system is designed to create a proactive, controlled, and secure network environment. It employs three significant functions, each a critical step in ensuring that SGU's computer usage policies are strictly enforced and your experience is friendly and efficient. These include:

  • Enforcement: Every device is checked before being allowed to connect to the Firefly network.
  • Isolation: Non-compliant, 'at risk' devices are denied access.
  • Resolution: Links to commercial virus protection publisher web sites provide "self-service" to resolve issues with minimal delay for computer users.

Click here for Approved Operating Systems & Anti-Virus


Bradford Dissolvable Agent Download 

Please enter your email, user name, password, and select your computer type. Then click the button to download the Bardford Dissolveable Agent to your machine.

Note: The Username and password you enter should be the same as the ones you use for SHOR and MyCourses. If you do not have a Username and password, you must visit the IT Help Desk in order to receive a temporary guest registration account. Valid ID is required.

Client Security Agent (CSA) Download 

Save the Bradford Dissolvable Agent

You will be prompted to "Run" or "Save" this application to your system. It is important to "Save" this file to your system so you can execute the application later during the registration process.


Suggested Response: SAVE
Save the Client Security Agent (CSA)

Run the Bradford Dissolvable Agent

Once the download of the application is complete you will be prompted to "Run", "Open Folder" or "Close". It is important to select "Run" so as to execute the application and begin the security scan.


Suggested Response: RUN
Run the Client Security Agent (CSA)

If you do not see the message above please look at the location you saved the file. You will see the CSA icon. please double click the icon.

CSA icon

Internet Explorer - Security Warning

Useful file types can also be used to harm your computer. Internet Explorer now prompts you for approval to use or install such file types as an increased security measure.


Suggested Response: RUN
Internet Explorer - Security Warning

Running the Bradford Dissolveable Agent

You can see the message in the status bar while the CSA is running.

Running the Client Security Agent (CSA)

Note:  During the registration process, you may temporarily lose your network connection. If your browser displays a "Page Not Found" error, please close and then re-launch your web browser once the network connection has been re-established.