Travel Folder

Have the following items in a folder and keep them in your carry-on luggage or on your person. Do not put these items in your checked luggage. During heavy travel periods your luggage may take a detour and can arrive several days late. Additionally, for those traveling to Grenada by air, many of these items are required at check-in for your flight:

  • Airline Tickets
  • Passport 
    • A passport is required. If you do not have a passport, you should apply immediately. Non-US citizens and permanent residents intending to travel to the United States for vacation or other purposes should obtain visas for return to the United States before flying to Grenada.
  • Copy of the letter from the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to American Airlines
  • Acceptance Letter with Letter to the Immigration Officer
  • Paid receipts on purchases made outside of Grenada (computers, appliances, cameras, etc.)

Without a receipt, valuation is at the discretion of the customs agent. Rates are 5% on books, 5% on computers, and 40–60% on most other items. Items that must be declared and that are usually taxed are electronics and computers. Items like clothes and books are usually not taxed when brought in your luggage, although they often are taxed if mailed.

  • Student Manual & Orientation Book (if you have current hard copies & prefer to bring them with you; these are also available on web)
  • CPR/First-Aid certification cards (if applicable)
    • If you are currently CPR/First Aid certified, be sure to bring your cards with you. Certification is required for all medical students. Certification is provided by the University within the first weeks of the term, but a fast-track alternative is offered for students with current certifications.
  • Prescription Medications
    • Not all medications are available on the island, including many psychotropic medications (especially those that are newer). If you have preferred brand names, it is better to bring them from home. When coming to the island for an extended period, you should plan ahead to ensure that you have sufficient medicine for your needs. Many persons have found it useful to arrive with a two month supply. Additional refills should then be shipped well in advance of running out. Please note that prescriptions from your home country are not valid in Grenada.

Duties must be paid upon entry to the country and can be paid by credit card as long as the machine works. To be certain you don’t have to wait for your items, make sure you have enough cash-on-hand (US dollars are accepted) to make payment.

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